E+C Design



As a graphic designer, I strive to create a memorable brand experience for different audiences. I am a strong believer in “less-is-more” and would consider my personal artistic style to be minimal and simplistic with stylistic traits that follow the modern design trends.  In the ad-centric world that we live in today, consumers are bombarded with branded content. This creates a need for quality design that leaves a lasting first impression.

My goal as a designer is to actualize this “need” by creating a unique identity for different brands. Specializing in web and app design, I understand the importance of this aspect to a brand’s presence on the web. I like to design around the user and construct an online experience that is approachable and user-friendly. In this way, a trusted relationship can be built between the consumer and brand.

I intend my work to form a symbol of communication and trust that will leave a lasting impression on its audience.